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  • ALM - Performance architectural lighting

    ALM products are used to create world class lighting solutions, in large public spaces such as offices and hotels. The standard range is complimented by modified and custom solutions.
  • Filix - Innovative architectural LED

    Exceptional quality outdoor LED luminaires designed with attention to detail, suitable for indoor applications. The versatility of these robust luminaires is demonstrated by exceptional projects from internationally renowned designers.
  • Linea Light iLED - Endless lighting solutions

    Linea Light iLED offers a wide range of high performance LED luminaires and systems featuring functionality, style and design. Applications range from ingrade to recessed to architectural luminaires. Linea Light iLED is continually researching new lighting solutions to provide exceptionally engineered architectural and commercial LED lighting.
  • Sattler - Light In New Dimensions

    Since SATTLER was founded in the late 50s by Hans Sattler, it has evolved from being an electrical installation business to an internationally active production company. Sattler offers an innovative portfolio of design luminaires with various application options. True to their motto "LIGHT IN NEW DIMENSIONS“, Sattler takes new avenues in production and continuously develops extraordinary luminaires and lighting solutions. Their products stand out due to their size and striking design as well as their manufacturing quality.
  • Vice - Architectural linear lighting

    Vice offers a complete range of high performance wallwashers, wall grazers and general illumination direct and indirect luminaires with matching 2.6 inch apertures. An array of optics designed to support a combination of powerful outputs and mounting options for interior and/or exterior applications.
  • Whitegoods - Seamless integrated lighting

    Luminaires that beautifully blend with adjoining surfaces to create the most integrated lighting schemes. The Whitegoods family allows the specifier to treat a complete installation with one unified style. The projects that have developed from this simple approach are spectacular.