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  • ALM - Performance architectural lighting

    World-class lighting solutions for large public spaces such as offices and hotels. The standard range is complimented by modified and custom solutions.
  • Filix - Innovative architectural LED

    High-quality outdoor LED luminaires designed with versatility and attention to detail. These robust luminaires have been featured in projects from internationally-renowned designers.
  • Linea Light iLED - Endless lighting solutions

    A wide range of high-performance LED luminaires and systems featuring functionality, style and design. Architectural and commercial applications include in-grade and recessed options.

    Lighting products designed to be aesthetically simple without superfluous detail. They integrate seamlessly into any environment while delivering high-performance lighting.
  • Nimbus - Innovative and minimalist with high performance and quality

    A broad range of luminaires based on the innovative and efficient LED next technology - highly efficient, intelligent and easy-to-install LED luminaires. Nimbus's trademarks are innovative technologies, high quality and purist design - Engineered Design from Stuttgart.
  • Sattler - Light In New Dimensions

    An innovative portfolio of high-quality luminaires with various application options that make an impact due to their size and striking design.
  • Vice - Architectural linear lighting

    High-performance wall washers, wall grazers and general illumination. An array of optics designed to support a combination of powerful outputs and mounting options for interior and exterior spaces.
  • Whitegoods - Seamless integrated lighting

    Luminaires that beautifully blend with adjoining surfaces to create the most integrated lighting schemes with one unified style. The projects developed from this simple approach are spectacular.