The Next Whisky Bar Project

The most prominent feature of The Next Whisky Bar at The Watergate Hotel is a curved wall consisting of 2,500 illuminated whisky bottles. Each bottle is illuminated with a single Linea Light Vissa uplight. The hotel, which was open from 1967 to 2007, was completely renovated and reopened in 2016.

Inter-lux played a major role in this project by helping to organize the circuiting of more than 2500 fixtures to achieve the desired result. Inter-lux also provided the Filix 2.4” diameter in-ground uplights, Whitegoods 2.4” diameter, trimless downlights and the Filix 1.4” diameter downlights to complete the visual effect.

The lighting designer chose the Vissa for its small scale, high lumen output, low wattage and low cost. As a result of this creative renovation, The Next Whisky Bar has become a major attraction for the hotel and serves as a stylish destination in the city for people to congregate after work and before night-time events.

Project Name: The Next Whisky Bar, The Watergate Hotel
Project Location: Washington, DC
Architectural Project & Lighting Design: Ron Arad Architects
Architecture: BBGM
Photography: Laura Arnold, CM KLING + ASSOCIATES INC.